Chapter Toolbox


Update Your Chapter Web Page

Your chapter Web page is an easy to access communication tool for your members, members of other chapters and site visitors who may be searching for information about your meetings or your chapter events that are open to all. It's also used to find contact information of your chapter leadership.

Using the Chapter Page Update Form is the best way to notify both the State Director and Webmaster, with one click, of all changes you submit to keep your chapter page current. Review your chapter page and make notes of changes to be made.

Now that you have notes, lets go to the Chapter Page Update Form. You can skip fields that need no changes, the only required fields have a star ( * ) next to them. After completing the form and clicking the Submit button, there is a security box where you must solve an image puzzle to complete the process. This puzzle helps prevent spammers, who use automated programs, from abusing these forms.

Email pictures of your CDs and ACDs to the Webmaster. We would also like a yearly (best done in the spring) group photo of your members. We encourage you to send a few of your favorite photos of activities in which your chapter is involved to decorate your page.

Chapter Newsletter

Add the state webmaster to your newsletter mailing list and we'll place a link to a copy of it on your chapter page.

Chapter Events

Let us help you promote your chapter events that are open to everyone. We'll place on your chapter page and the GWTA WA Events Calendar, information about your event by completing the Events Calendar Form on the state Website. This form will walk you through everything we'll need to promote your GWTA Chapter event.

Meeting Location Change

If your chapter is going to change its monthly meeting location either permanently or temporarily, using the Chapter Page Update Form is the best way to notify both the State Director and Webmaster, of the change with just one click. You can use it to notify of meeting cancelations also.

The Directors Desk

The Directors Desk is an easy to use clickable office graphic that will easily lead you to answers to most of the questions you may have in carrying out your duties as chapter director.

Chapter Business Cards

b_cards.gifThere is an easy to use business card creator on the GWTA national Web site to create great looking personalized business cards at home using your home computer, printer and a pair of scissors. These business cards are excellent tools for contact information in recruiting new members. Type your personal contact information including chapter, state and national Web addresses on the front of your card, then you can print on the back of the cards your meeting place, day and time. Click images above to enlarge.

Recruiting new members is extremely important to keep your chapter healthy growing and fun. The business cards can be carried easily in your wallet so they are available when you need them. You may want to consider a chapter project  creating them for your members and hand them out at your next chapter meeting.

Bike Hangers (Customizable)

This is another good recruiting tool that can be customized to your chapter. Click here for details.

CD/ACD Handbook

Don't be intimidated by your fears on how to lead your GWTA chapter. GWTA has an excellent document called, The TA Way. Section two, Chapter "How To" Guidlines will walk you through time tested suggestions on how you can successfully serve your chapter members in your leadership role. The clickable index at the link above will easily lead you to answers to any questions you may have. Getting involved will improve your GWTA experience, so don't be afraid to jump in and expand your friendship base within and beyond your chapter.

Forms and Applications

All forms and applications needed to carry out your duties can be found on the GWTA Web site.

Motorcycle Clipart

If you are looking for GWTA and motorcycle related clipart for newsletters there is a good selection on the GWTA Web site.